Our studio is located in Misschiefs Studio. 

Dalagatn 63 

Stockholm 113 43
Our services : 

︎︎︎ AR
︎︎︎ Motion
︎︎︎ 360 / VR 
︎︎︎ Interactive Murals
︎︎︎ Lectures & WS

In a time where animated content often aims to prolong screen time and increase scrolling, we believe in a world where digital design nurtures thinking. A world where pixels collaborate with users to stimulate imagination rather than pacify it.

And so, what started as an idea took the shape of a blob and became something bigger. BLOBB.TV is a movement that believes in combining immersive technology with motion design in physical spaces. The studio was founded by animator Yuvia Maini in the year 2021 and has since created immersive animation and public installations for clients such as Håkan Hellström, the Swedish Parliament, Kristianstad Kommun, Sveriges Kvinnoorganisationer, etc.

We create animated content that encourages thinking.

Human centric 
We redefine digital content by placing the user at the forefront. Through extensive user testing, intuitive interfaces and emotionally resonant animation, we forge connections between technology and peoples everyday life, creating interactive experiences that are not just seen but felt.

Augmented motion
We seamlessly blend the digital and physical through Augmented Reality, breathing life into static visuals and public spaces. Our strategy is to redefine animated storytelling by making every movement an exploration, pushing the boundaries to create stories that transcend conventional limits for motion design.

Inclusive design
Immersive experiences should be accessible for everyone. Through user-friendly interfaces and inclusive narratives, we break down barriers, ensuring that cutting-edge technology and digital design stays welcoming for everyone.